Hole 1

tour-01Hole 1:
Par 5, 425-463-489 yards

A short par-5 starting hole has its challenges. The best tee shot should end up in the left side of the fairway otherwise the golfer will be faced with a demanding sidehill lie with the ball above your feet. Miss the fairway and the rough will make going for the green in 2 difficult. A pulled 2nd shot from that sidehill lie and your ball will end up down a severe bank in trouble. Fly the green and you will be faced with the ball way below an elevated putting surface sloping away from you. The bunkers left and right swallow up an errant approach shot. And the 1st green begins the day with a surface with slopes that can be treacherous depending on hole locations. Tread carefully as an approach shot hit left, right, or long will make par difficult.

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