Hole 18

tour-18 Hole 18:
Par 4: 330-372-396 yards

Our finishing hole can play up to 420 from the tips. The left side of the fairway is guarded by a row of evergreen and hardwood trees that will swallow up a pulled or overcooked hook tee ball leaving an extremely difficult 2nd shot. A mound 130 yards short of the green has taken many a tee ball into custody as the fairway has a distinct right to left slope rolling into deep rough. Miss the mound and you may end up behind a large tree requiring a punch shot or a very safe layup. Your 2nd shot is usually struck from a lie with the ball below your feet and if you don’t compensate for this lie your approach may end up missing the green right Miss long and you also have eliminated par from the equation. Another challenging green when the pin is in the front or anywhere right side. A classy finishing hole that has ruined many a good round.

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